Woodford Folk Festival – Live Internet Broadcast

The Challenge

When you have a live broadcast in Woodfordia, a 500-acre environmental parkland located on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, which is just over one hour north of Brisbane you’re a far cry from the nearest television broadcast centre. Add to the mix, the fact you want to broadcast this event not via traditional broadcast methods, but to the internet, and some serious obstacles present themselves.

Internet broadcast is traditionally a low quality, low bandwidth production that can be uploaded from a device as cheap as a 4G phone or laptop. Inherently unreliable and best-efforts support is the usual solution by a number of offshore providers. This was not the case for the Woodford Folk Festival on December 29th, 2013.

As the sun set on a picturesque North Queensland evening, a kaleidoscope of sights and sounds was about to delight audiences on stage and around the world.

The Malpa theatre performance, specially commissioned for the 2013/2014 Woodford Folk Festival. Ancestral dances, traditional song and sounds from the cape, with indigenous clans performing against stunning backdrops of traditional artwork and sculpture. A gathering to explore: facing fears, of life on country, losing aeons of old knowledge and the challenges for the future. A journey through the physical, spiritual and stories yet to come.

The concert organisers wanted an alternate to a free to air broadcast that would only be seen in certain parts of Australia. Internet broadcasting was chosen to allow viewers to watch the event anywhere in the world and on any device.

The Solution

Intervision Outside Broadcast, a Hostworks / Foundry Partner, was on hand that evening. Both on site, and a thousand kilometres away inside Broadcast Australia’s network operations centre at Gore Hill, NSW. Intervision and Hostworks had a team on hand to ensure the event’s success.

A truly spectacular event was captured and streamed across the entire red continent, and also to global audiences in locations such as California, Lithuania, Bourgogne and London. The capacity and quality of the Hostworks Media Foundry Live Stream reached audiences seamlessly wherever they were, regardless of the device. Not only were audience’s engaged, Hostworks Analytics provided the enhanced insight around how these audiences interacted with the live stream. Invaluable vision that impressed both the event organisers and performers.

Lights! Camera! Action! The combination of camera, mixing and satellite delivery to Hostworks allows Hostworks to leverage its parent company, Broadcast Australia’s satellite downlink facility. From downlink, through encoding and delivery in multiple bit rates and formats for most mainstream devices, Hostworks’ world class Content Delivery Network (CDN) delivers the live broadcast. The result, a broadcast quality live stream HD, second to none in Australasia.

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