Live Sport Streaming

The Challenge

A major commercial broadcaster came to us with a challenge: 5 sports, 10 events, 40 days of sport. They needed iOS and Android apps, a website and all the streaming and delivery infrastructure to support multi-bitrate high quality streaming across all events.

The Solution

This was a welcome challenge for the team, and we successfully delivered the following:

  • custom encoders, delivered and installed into the play-out centre,
  • designed, developed, tested and delivered mobile apps for iOS and Android (over 20 releases in total!),
  • designed, developed, tested and delivered a web front end,
  • integrated 3rd party tools for social, analytics and advertising components,
  • supported 240+ hours of broadcast streaming,
  • delivered over 500,000 sessions of amazing live sport coverage.

Backed by the 24/7 Hostworks Operations team, the project was a great success and led to phase 2 of this engagement.

Creative and Technical leadership

Design, Development, Support & Operations

video segments (million)

Broadcast hours


Mobile sessions (avg.)


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