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The Challenge

When faced with the challenge of broadcasting a live company update around Australia to both city and regional locations, BAI’s Group CEO, Jim Hassell turned to someone. Himself.

In actual fact, his Australian wholly owned subsidiary, Hostworks.

Traditionally Hostworks’ known expertise has focused on delivering internet video content on demand. The proportion of Australians streaming or downloading TV, movie or video content online has doubled to 6% of the population (1.2 million people)*. Focusing on multi-channel delivery, content management and quality HD output, the Hostworks Media Foundry has been born.

Parent company, BAI, whose core business centres around the delivery of live digital TV and radio services, spanning well over 600 sites throughout Australia, has a wide audience
to reach.

Keeping these audiences engaged through live interaction is often challenging. Some staff are located 200 metres up the peak of broadcast towers, or as far afield as the Nanga Bush Camp in Western Australia. Unlike city centres, many regional satellite offices are served only by a single 3G data connection. Whilst challenging, this was by no means a road block. Jim still wanted the ‘whole’ team together. Hostworks made it happen.

*Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia)

The Solution

Rather than hire a production crew, Hostworks offered BAI a simple solution. Delivery would be via the internet and the quality of the event would be that comparable to a satellite HD stream. Best of all, delivered at a fraction of the cost and in the Hostworks way. BAI provided their boardroom as the venue for delivery. Hostworks delivered the rest. A skilled camera operator, editor and laptop with software to encode the event – ensured a simple high quality feed, with real-time output.

According to Daniel Goldsworthy, General Manager of The Foundry, “although some of the technology involved had only just been released to the market, we decided to utilise it for this event. Our content delivery network (CDN) has been dishing out content to grateful Australian internet audiences for many years. This broadcast was the first time we have used it to externally deliver sensitive content across the public internet securely – served hot and fresh…”

“The result was impressive,” said Jim Hassell. BAI’s CEO went onto to say “We were excited by the ease of use and quality of engagement available for all BA staff, no matter their location”. “The ability of staff to view the one-and-a-half hour long broadcast seamlessly and in real time not only enhanced business communication but showcased the quality of capabilities within the BAI group of companies”.

For those that were not able to watch the live event, Hostworks recorded and uploaded a video file within moments of the live stream concluding. This file was available on demand for staff through BAI’s intranet site.

From iPhone to full high definition, Hostworks ensures even the most remote locations don’t miss out. The Media Foundry delivers, (for those who like to talk tech):

  • The ability to monetise content. You control the content, brand and security.
  • Bespoke functionality at an off the shelf price. Singular platform with flexible front end. Creative capabilities at your fingertips.
  • Fully featured API integration.
  • An end to end solution across multi-platform channels.

Unlike traditional internet broadcasters who only accept internet feeds in, Hostworks can inject any size and quality of media input to give audiences broadcast quality content, (publicly available), so long as the users have the bandwidth to receive it.

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