The Transcoder product is a highly scalable cloud-based platform for transcoding audio and video. It can take a variety of input files and provides complete control over your output profiles.


Multiple Formats

Support for multiple input formats and profiles, we are confident that whatever format your video is in, we’ll find a way to get it out.

Custom profiles

With support for a range of custom output profiles, your transcode jobs are highly flexible and can be fine-tuned by one of our in-house encoding experts.


With a rich API, the Transcoder can be integrated into existing video workflows, using a variety of 3rd party storage platforms.

Highly scalable

Developed using best practice orchestration and resource management tools, the platform is tuned for performance and high scalability.

Why is it useful?

There are other cloud-based transcoding platforms but many of them are located in different geographic regions, mostly the US. By removing the transit overheads of sending data back and forth across the Pacific Ocean (data costs and time) we can provide a better and faster service than these platforms for Australian businesses. Our solution is very flexible and can be integrated with the Workflow and Storage products, or any 3rd party system or workflow.

Who can use it?

Any customer who has a requirement to change one video format to another can use this product.

What can it do?

It can take multiple input video formats and convert them to multiple varying output formats that are optimised for web / CDN delivery to different devices.

What more can it do?

  • The API can be used to integrate into other 3rd party platforms or systems.
  • Dynamic scaling based on requirements.
  • Custom containerised deployments to other 3rd-party clouds
  • Integration with 3rd party storage platforms for pre- and post-processing functions and workflows

We’re always looking for other ways to extend our products. Contact us with your requirements.

We’ve transcoded terabytes of original video content into a range of files to support multi-bitrate HLS playback. The Foundry team really helped with expertise around optimised profiles for our audience, and the results are fantastic. David


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