Generate a Live stream from your existing video library. A simple web interface to create a 24/7 channel for your content.


24x7 Live Stream

A 24×7 live multi-bitrate adaptive stream, that can playback on all devices: phones, tablets, desktops, Smart TVs and other connected devices.


Manage your stream

A simple drag and drop interface allows you to manage the order of your content or use scheduling for more control.


Dynamic Advertising

Set up dynamic pre-roll ads using the Manifester to monetise your new live stream.


Simple embedding

Embed your new live channel in any website with a clean and responsive HTML5 player. No Flash required.

Why is it useful?

Creating a live stream online has never been easier. Showcase all your content in the order that you want. A live stream makes it easier for users to just hit play rather than having to search through all the content.

Who can use it?

Anyone with video content can use this product. Upload your library, then drag and drop your videos into the live stream via the Smilr interface.

What can it do?

Smilr can generate a live stream from one or more videos. It allows you to set the order and schedule new content. Simply upload your content, then manage your stream via the Foundry Console. It’s a “Channel in a Box”!

What more can it do?

The live stream can be delivered to a range of platforms – into your website, mobile applications and set top boxes.

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