Palisade is a tool for managing and curating social media posts to display in a website, app or on any screen.


Auto-publish tweets from white-listed users, or collect posts with specific #hashtags for moderation.


Pin a specific post to the top of your Wall, or just let it update automatically as new posts are created.


Embed your Wall on your website, put it in a mobile app or even on a big screen at your event.

Ease of use

With support for multiple users, anyone in your business can moderate new posts, pin their favourite as well as unpublish posts and delete.

Why is it useful?

When you are running an event it is great to be able to promote the event via different social media channels and display this activity to your users.

Who can use it?

Any customer can use this product. It can run independently of the Media Foundry or as part of a live event or on-going VoD platform.

What can it do?

The Palisade interface provides a way for users to manage a list of Twitter usernames and hashtags around an event or theme, along with workflows for moderating and promoting individual posts. Once you have your curated content you can present this to your audience in a number of ways.

What more can it do?

It can be used to deliver content to any digital platform – website / mobile app and access control for moderation can be shared by a number of users within a business.

Publish in your website

Embed into apps

Display at your event

Easy to use interface

Insight into your audience

Our Insight practice can provide a post-event Insight report covering post activity charts, keyword frequency and sentiment analysis.

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