The Mediator product is a platform to seamlessly manage the delivery of media services across multiple Content Delivery Networks, based on customisable rules.


Stream your content via one or multiple Content Delivery Networks in parallel or set up a failover network.

Complete Flexibility

Direct traffic based on traffic volume, device, User Agent, ISP, stream, latency and other controls.

Manage Costs

Manage your delivery costs by using the right CDN for your unique needs.

Ease of use

Integrated with The Foundry Console, the platform is easy to use and integrates with the Manifester and other products.

Why is it useful?

When you are live streaming an event you may not want to publish the live stream before a certain time. Stream switching through the Mediator allows our customers to stream a placeholder image, slate or video before switching the live stream on at the right time.

Different CDNs have different benefits and costs. By providing a way to dynamically control which CDN is used we can provide a better, and more economical service for the customer and their end users.

Who can use it?

Any customer that is delivering media streams via Manifester.

What can it do?

Steer client traffic to different CDNs based on arbitrary rules or traffic loads, automatically or under manual control. Some use cases:

  • Services can be delivered via cost-effective local CDNs for Australian customers whilst utilising global CDNs for offshore delivery.
  • It can add capacity whilst managing cost, by enabling the ability to burst into additional CDNs automatically and only for the duration of the burst.
  • Mediator can assign a CDNs priority and weighting; preferred CDNs have higher priority and will be used first and lower priority CDNs will be used only once a CDN has reached some arbitrary capacity or is unhealthy. Weights allow customers to load balance different CDNs at the same priority.
  • CDNs can also be manually enabled or disabled.

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