Media Foundry

A feature-rich Video Content Management System for live and on demand video.


“Out of the box” or highly customised: we can work with you to determine your exact requirements.

Live and VoD

Supporting Live and Video on Demand publishing, the Media Foundry can support all of your online video needs in one place.

Rich Metadata

Who said “Metadata” was a dirty word? We love it, and the Media Foundry supports more than you would imagine.


With a fully featured API, the possibilities are endless. Take your content straight to mobile using the Media Foundry iOS and Android Mobile Applications.

Why is it useful?

The Media Foundry platform allows users to share management of their content and the metadata associated with the content. The platform provides support for managing relationships between different media through categories and tags, and an interface to manage the content in the website and apps.

Who can use it?

The customer can provide varying levels of access to the Media Foundry platform based on their requirements. Some users might have access only to managing existing content or uploading and adding content, while others might have more control by publishing and editing content.

What can it do?

It provides a web interface for customers to manage their web content (blog posts, static pages, media) as well as managing the relationships within these objects via metadata.

What more can it do?

It can be used as a back-end platform to manage content in mobile apps or tvOS and Android TV applications.

The Media Foundry is the perfect platform for us to deliver Australia’s Science Channel. It is great working with the Foundry Team, as they help us to customise and add new features to the platform as well as supporting our live events broadcast across the country and the world. The support we get from The Foundry allows us to get on with our business of promoting public awareness and understanding of science.  We will continue to grow with Australia’s Science Channel with The Foundry Team …watch this space.

Bradley Abraham

Executive Producer & General Manager, Australia's Science Channel

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