Live and On Demand server-side video ad insertion. Support for integration with 3rd-party ad serving platforms via VAST 2.0 and 3.0, and integration with ad scheduling systems using SCTE-35 cue-points.

Stream switching

Switch to a mid-stream slate, or a pre- or post-stream video to control the user experience and manage your content.

Server-side Ad Insertion

Remove the requirement for client-side ad libraries and improve user experience at the same time: no more buffering.

Bitrate Management

Manage bitrates on-the-fly across any or all of your streams: control traffic to an ISP, or set up HD only for your subscribers.

Highly scalable

The platform is highly-scalable and tuned for maximum performance. Live streaming to 100K concurrent users? No problem.

Why is it useful?

Server-side ads

More and more devices are being used for video consumption and each platform and device has differing levels of support for the competing ad delivery specifications (VAST, VMAP, IMA, etc). By inserting ads into the stream we remove this support burden from the apps (and developers) and also improve user experience in a few other ways:

  • No buffering for the user between ads / ad & content
  • Ad-blocking software is ineffective: the ads will always play

Support for 3rd party ad servers and SCTE-35 cue points allows a seamless integration into existing broadcast systems, play-out and ad scheduling workflows.


By inserting unique variables into the manifest for each user we are able to generate reports from the HCDS logs that don’t require any client-side data. This enables us to track devices, sessions, users, bitrates per user etc completely from our server logs and independent of any front-end mobile application or website.

Stream control

Control the experience for your users in the live stream by showing pre-, mid- and post-event slates. Manage the available bitrates dynamically by region, device, ISP, user or other metrics.

Who can use it?

Anyone can use this service regardless of if they are using our Streaming platform or our Content Delivery platform. This can be plugged in to almost any existing video distribution configuration.

What can it do?

  • Insert video ads in-stream for HLS as pre-, mid- or post-roll into VoD.
  • Insert video ads into live streams with cue points including SCTE-35
  • Insert multiple ads immediately after each other (i.e. 2 prerolls would result in each preroll playing one after another).
  • Target devices with certain ads based on User Agent, or no ads at all.
  • ACLs to provide fine grained access or geofencing.
  • Handle various device nuances when playing live streams (some devices skipping first chunk of a preroll).
  • Enabling or disabling of live streams for pre and post events, including customisable standby streams.
  • On the fly enabling or disabling of HLS variants.
  • High capacity, ~100,000 concurrent viewers with 4 second target duration.
  • Geographically redundant servers.

What more can it do?

  • Integrating with the Mediator gives you complete control over your streaming media
  • Custom user interfaces to suit your workflow
  • Coming soon: MPEG-DASH

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