Live Streaming

End-to-end capability and experience supporting some of the largest sporting events in Australia


Input flexibility

From satellite downlinks to aggregated 4G connections, we have experience and expertise to get you online


Our cloud-based network DVR solution supports rolling windows on live content for catch-up style services with reverse EPG integration

Global reach

Through our international partnership with Pacific Television Centre we now have HD encoders in London and Los Angeles ready to take your stream

Mobile ready

With multiple optimised and tested video output profiles, your stream is ready for a great experience on mobile devices

Why is it useful?

The ability to stream vision (and audio) across digital platforms without the constraints on traditional broadcast platforms gives a business the scope to reach a far greater audience than ever before achieved.

Who can use it?

Any organisation that is creating video content can benefit from live streaming.

What can it do?

Our live streaming service is a suite of configurable services for the Ingest, Management and Delivery of video. The solution provides a flexible, componentised toolkit to allow the development of specific and tailored solutions dependent on customer requirements. The core components include Live Event Broadcast, Video On-Demand and Video Content Management.

What more can it do?

Just about anything you can think of! Want Server Side Ad Insertion & Analytics? Using our Manifester service enables the insertion of custom tracking variables and server side ad content into Live and On-Demand Video (HLS) streaming. The solution enables:

  • Improve advert play rates and revenue across platforms by dynamically delivering advertising at the server side with Frame accurate insertion.
  • Insert Pre/Mid/Post roll advertising, in a TV like experience enabling maximisation of Ad inventory
  • Ad integration including DFP integration (VAST v3/VMAP v1)
  • Analytics including device tracking, number of views, play rate, device type, geographic location and referral source, independent of client application or website.

In addition our Mediator service enables the dynamic traffic steering for multiple CDNs based on a set of customisable rules, including CDN cost, user location, network health or concurrency.

We also provide a highly scalable cloud based platform for transcoding video and audio, with integration into third party workflow and storage platforms, and our Content Delivery Service has the ability to operate from multiple points of presence. It provides the means for a content provider to distribute multi-channel services to a large internet audience.

Finally, all this is provided with our 24/7 x 365 management and monitoring service, to ensure seamless service and quality of service for our clients.

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