R&D roots

Born out of the Hostworks R&D Product Factory, The Foundry is a result of experienced Hostworks engineers working towards developing ways to add more value to our customers through new products and services. As The Foundry has taken new products to market the team has grown to include designers and other specialist developers to help take our newest ideas from concept to reality.

Here at the The Foundry we invent things. Digital things.

We conceive, design and develop innovative solutions for Australia’s largest organizations, and ensure our products and solutions work. And not just when we deliver them. We are backed by the expertise and depth of knowledge that Hostworks is known for, and provide 24/7 support to keep everything running the way you and your customers want it. We creatively solve the complex and critical challenges our clients face in the digital world. Every business that communicates with their customers digitally can benefit from the products and solutions that we develop. Our solutions are flexible, and provide a comprehensive toolkit from which we build specific and tailored solutions for the different needs of our customers.

Have an idea for an app? We build Android and iOS native apps that deliver content the way an audience wants it, including streaming live and “on demand” video. Our experienced team will validate your idea (and business drivers) and help turn it into a prototype to test.

Would you like to integrate your media workflow into a robust and scalable platform using a fully featured API?

Do you want to stream live or on-demand video to thousands of people via multiple CDNs and have control over the user experience for every single person? Change video quality? Change CDN edge or origin node? Switch input feeds? Do you need bespoke functionality that an off-the-shelf video platform can’t provide?

Do you want to monetise your content, but need more control over your branding and security than a free-to-use offering provides? Do you want to dynamically ingest social media conversations into your own environment? The Foundry has developed products to support all of this and more. And we’re just getting started – we love this stuff. We have R&D roots so we’re just going to keep pushing boundaries and creating solutions that deliver exactly what you want. Not out of a generic box, but created specifically for you. We build products in PHP, Javascript, Objective-C, Swift, Java, Go and anything else that might make our products better, faster and more scalable. Our clients include BAI Communications (formerly Broadcast Australia), SevenWest Media, SBS, Tour Down Under, ABC, GM Holden, Community TV, Southern Cross Austereo, RiAus, APRA, Fairfax Radio, IMG Sports Technology Group and Musicaviva. We are motivated by innovation, performance, creativity (technical and design) and keeping our customers happy so that they come back and ask:

“What are you working on next?”

The Foundry Challenge Everything